MiaDreamDesign is Pennsylvania based shop with Family owners team with over 10 years experience in sewing. 

       Mia worked as a full-time seamstress in clothing production. After spending years in the industry for other brands she realized that she has her own word to say. .And with the family support this brand was launched first in the home country in the EU and now is present on US market and worldwide. 
       The main idea behind our brand is to make beautiful and affordable dresses. Big events in life require a lot of emotional resources but also financial too. The dress is the main part of the event and needs to highlight your beauty and create an impressive image.

       Yet for wedding and prom dresses it is considered that you need to pay a high price for that.

       We're here to break this rule and show that you are worth the most beautiful dresses, that won't cost a fortune. 

       Taking the best modern practices in materials and design, we create the dresses that fit your body and your character.
       Our Goal is to create a world known brand with a unique identity and customer centric

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